Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a cold and weary day!

I started my day earlier today than the usual practice. I alarmed my phone at around 5:00am. At dawn, the rain started to fall, so the morning is so cold. Hence, I woke up passed 6:00am. Well, that is still early for me. I waited for quite a while for the rain to stop. The hour had passed and the raindrops were still falling. So, even it is still raining, I rushed to the terminal to catch a ride for my class. I was late, though, but still able to catch the lesson.

It was a whole day class. It was brain-draining. Going back home was my next activity after the class. I need to ride again for about 2 hours. Although I was just sitting for the 2 hours trip, it was still physically draining. Need to rest now..


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