Monday, November 24, 2008

The Visitor

The event continues after the fiesta of Tagum yesterday. Early this morning, at around 6:00AM, we picked up Ate Marlyn from the Madrid residence where she spent her night. We bring her in our place so she can spend a day and night there. When we arrived in our house, my sister was already ready because she will accompany our visitor to Banay-banay to visit other friends there. Their first stop was at the Colmenares residence:
with Ate Marlyn, Echo, Ate Nelly and Alodie

They then went to Ate Elizabeth's house:
With Ate Elizabeth family

This photo was taken the day after Ate Marlyn slept in our house, the 25th November. After the photo taken, she left for CDO:

with Ate Marlyn in red shirt with my sister and nieces besides her



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